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Enjoy a beautiful day trip floating Big Cedar Creek. We are blessed to have outfitted thousands of families and friends on Big Cedar Creek. Individuals, families, church groups and other large groups are welcome. Big Cedar Creek is a great place to get some skills in moving water and do some family bonding. Mostly the float is calm and relaxing, but the shoals allow you to experience some exciting light whitewater. Get more details at Enjoy the ride…..


Spend the afternoon or the whole weekend with us.  Paddle Big Cedar Creek and enjoy a unique family adventure. You will love naturally spring fed river float. You can run the faster water in the spring or catch a nice family friendly summer float. Either way it is an adventure to remember. Some of the best fishing can be had in the backwaters of Big Cedar Creek. Our pricing is family friendly and you will love the always well kept equipment and friendly staff. We provide a shuttle service if you have your own boat.

Whether it is just you or a large group, we have the staff and the gear to make it a great trip. The float generally lasts between two and four hours of float time. Many folks pack a lunch and make a day of it. You and your group will have a blast at Cedar Creek RV & Outdoor Center.

Canoes and Tandem Kayaks: $54

Kayaks: $32

Premium Boats (Demos): $42

Tubes (in park only) $12

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Families in our area have enjoyed Big Cedar Creek for years. It is a very family friendly creek with some fun mini rapids. When the water is up you can even experience some white water. You have to steer your kayak or canoe through some tight areas and paddle some long flat water. It has a mix of everything. It has a lot of nature watching.

Big Cedar Creek is a large creek about 30 to 40 feet in width. Generally the depth is not over seven feet at normal pool. It is rain and spring fed and may change levels throughout the year. It is important to know how to read the flow gauge. The gauge measures the water flow in CFS (Cubic Feet per Second).

Read the Most recent instantaneous value on the USGS page.



Everyone is welcome to float Big Cedar Creek, but we have some recommendations and some limitation you should know about ahead of time. We have guests from 7 years to their 70s. Here are some good items to evaluate if you have issues that may prevent you from going;

     - You must be 18 years of age or have a waiver signed by your guardian. All groups must have at least one adult.

     - No children under 7 years of age or under 60 pound can float in our equipment for their own safety.

     - You should be in good health.  If you are not sure, you should consult your medical professional.

      - We will not rent equipment to you if you are intoxicated.

      - Children under 14 must wear a Life jacket at all times.

       - You should be able to lift your boat and carry it for brief times.

      -  No Pets Allowed On Shuttle Vans


It is best to plan for a day on the water. The trip usually lasts about four hours, but it is always best to be prepared. Here are a few things to make sure you bring and some things to make sure you do not bring.

What to Wear

     - This is a water sport so you will get wet. Wear something that can get wet.

      - Bring a dry pair of clothes for after your trip.

      - You should wear river shoes. They should strap on and not be flip flops.

      - If the weather is cool, you should have clothes that remain warm even if they get wet. But not heavy clothes. In cold weather you should take a dry pair of clothes with you.

What to Bring

       - Enough drinking water to last all day

        - Sunblock

        - Towel

        - Bug repellant

        - Snack or lunch

What not to bring

         - Do not take valuables that you do not want to lose.

         - Do not bring alcohol. We do not allow drinking on our rental equipment

         - Do not bring anything that cannot get wet. Cell phones and cameras should be seal it in a watertight bag.

         - Do not bring your pet.

         - Do not bring large coolers.

         - Children under age 7 or 60 pounds if you are renting our equipment


There is nothing more fun and relaxing and floating down the creek in a tube. You can float the whole length of the park and then run again.

Our tube rentals are just for here in the park. We do not shuttle the tube rentals for safety and practical reasons. It is fun for ther kids and adults a like. You get some sun and get to cool off in the refreshing spring water.

Children under 18 years of age must be supervised by an adult at all times. Life jackets are available upon request. Large groups must pay in advance for the reservations. Otherwiise they are firt come first serve.

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